India's digital marketing challenge is to generate higher response and sales rates from the same (or reduced) marketing budgets. IDM meets the challenge by cost-effectively closing every conceivable gap through which a purchase decision may slip through before the sale is closed

SVMTPL The industry leading partner for IDM campaigns

With 7 years of experience in cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns and self-owned and managed infrastructure and delivery mechanisms, SVMTPL ('Teleshoppe') has emerged as a preferred marketing partner for India's best brands to tap their consumers mindspace. Effective promotions, targeted and focused group based strategy deployment, and marketing plans roll out across all consumers - needless to say - provides a brand to reach out to a zillion people simultaneously ! With different Industry verticals tapped, we are focusing on Brand based strategic last mile roll outs on all digital platforms, response management, and loyalty programs specialized in targeting the focused audiences of your organisation.

eDM creative design within your brand guidelines + campaign planning.
Web enabled systems

We create customised enquiry forms where your consumer can submit a query about your product

Detailed logs available with mobile number, enquiry text, date, time, and customer's location
We run and manage our own short code '53456' on all operators across India
Two way messaging available you broadcast an SMS message to e.g., 10 lakh users and interested customers can just reply 'YES' to the same message
Consulting on leading-edge digital solutions for corporate and industry
Business Applications We have successfully enable online project management systems, accounts management modules, web file transfer interfaces and application enable websites for clients
E-commerce Fully-integrated online shopping engine with 100% secure Verisign enable payment gateway

CREDIT CARD NOT REQUIRED: Accepts all net banking accounts in India
Leading edge creative ideation 'The big spark' Brand and Design Management .
Campaign ideation, strategic alignment with brand and marketing objectives, detailed layout and design
Online webspace and Electronic Data Mailer (eDM) design, layout and optimization
Print creatives, design and execution
Event, stall and exhibition layout and dovetailing of stall elements including backdrop, products, exhibit area, accessories and film
Individualised style elements on each eDM such as receiver's name, address, organization, designation.
To know more about how we can increase your marketing recah by 5X - 10X withing time and budget, contact us.