About Us

Teleshoppe (Greek - "TELE" - over a distance , French - "ESCHOPPE" - selling booth, stall) helps its clients sell their products across great distances to achieve 5X-10X increase in geographical reach. Our technology solutions in SMS, mobile applications, web, toll-free (1800-number) Contact Centres, online shopping engines and digital marketing help our Fortune 500 clients reach new customers across the world. We provide comprehensive solutions for an effective promotional campaign targeting the relevant audience, selecting the right mechanic and deploying the most appropriate solution to deliver and run your activity.

Teleshoppe owns and operates the pan-India SMS Short code 53456 and has an in-house customer database of 3.2 crores+ segregated by age, gender, geography and purchase behaviour. It also owns proprietrary eDM and mobile broadcast engines, and runs the social networking platforms www.CampusConnect.in connecting 300+ colleges across India and www.BizConnect.in which lets companies stay in touch with their employees.

Our average client engagement time is more than 5 years, and clients stay with us for our state-of-the-art technology solutions and our dedicated team. Starting from 2003, we have moved from strength to strength on the back of our clients, and we have a continuously growing list of people who recommend our products and services.

When you want scale and efficiency to increase the reach of your product and brand, come to us

Interactive Digital Marketing

With 7 years of experience in cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns and self-owned and managed infrastructure and delivery mechanisms, Teleshoppe has emerged as a preferred marketing partner for the best brands to tap consumer mindspace. Effective promotions, targeted and focused group based strategy deployment, and marketing plan roll outs across all consumers - needless to say - provides a brand to reach out to a zillion people simultaneously ! With different Industry verticals tapped, we are focusing on Brand based strategic last mile roll outs on all digital platforms, response management, and loyalty programs specialized in targeting the focused audiences of your organisation.



We offer the easiest-to-use web based application interface in the industry for running your own text message mobile marketing campaigns. You no longer have to pay expensive agencies to run your campaigns. Simply choose your preferred keyword on our SMS Short code 53456, and you are ready to go

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Mobile Zone -53456

Teleshoppe delivers the ultimate mobile experience with premium mobile infotainment and entertainment applications for your mobile phone. Get next generation mobile applications for your phone today and join the new age with Mobile services on SMS 53456.

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Subscription Services

These services provide customers the ability to subscribe for "Alerts", which are then pushed to him or her on a regular basis. The key benefit of these services is that the customer is not required to initiate a request for information everyday. Different forms of subscription services provided by Teleshoppe include - Jokes, News, Cricket updates ,Astro, Stock updates ,Vastu and many more!

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Mobile Marketing

Do you want to add personalised brand building to your product reach? Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With Teleshoppe's mobile campaigns, small to medium sized businesses achieve the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

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Email Marketing

Web based application interface for running your own text message mobile marketing campaigns. You no longer have to pay expensive agencies to run your campaigns. Simply choose our desired keyword on our nationwide Short Code 53456 keyword, and you're ready to go!

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Web Development

Website designs are those that are built to give heavy presence and impact to your business on the Internet. Our designs are creative and each site is uniquely designed to your specifications and to answer your requirements.

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